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Contact Information

Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Room 3587 Academic Building
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clearwater Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 - 2358 5975
email: ilias@ust.hk

Research interests:

Structural Dynamics,
Vehicle-Bridge Interaction,
Earthquake Engineering,
Nonsmooth Dynamics,
Bridge Engineering,
Bamboo Structures,
Dimensional Analysis


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Current Group Members

Hossein's photo PhD candidate
email: hhomaei@connect.ust.hk

Hossein HOMAEI

    Hossein obtained his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran, in 2016. In 2018 he obtained a master’s degree in Structural Civil Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, the top-ranked university in Iran. He joined my research group as a dual PhD student between Sharif and HKUST in February 2022. He is working on the seismic vehicle-bridge interaction problem.

Jason's photo MPhil candidate
email: hmsiu@connect.ust.hk

Ho Man SIU (Jason)

    Jason obtained his Bachelor Degree (Major in Civil Engineering, Minor in Robotics, Minor in Physics) from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2021. He joined my research group in September 2021.


Graduated Students

Dora's photo email: npnpradhan@connect.ust.hk

Theodora MOUKA

Theodora obtained her 5-year Diploma in Civil Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, in 2014. In 2016 she obtained a 2-year MSc degree in Analysis and Design of Structures from the same university. She joined the research group in 2017 and is working on characterization of bamboo as a structural material via analytical and numerical modeling and experimental tests. Her research interests include mechanics of anisotropic materials, finite element modeling and modeling of material failure.
On 7/6/2022 Theodora successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled:
“Bamboo structural member behavior: culm flexure and bolted connections”.


Nischal's photo
email: npnpradhan@connect.ust.hk

Nischal Prasad Nhuchhe PRADHAN

Nischal obtained his Bachelor Degree from National Institute of Technology Warangal, India. He joined my group as an MPhil/PhD student in February 2017. He is working on rational design and analysis of bamboo structures, focusing on experimental testing and characterization of bamboo to steel connections.

On 5/1/2022 Nischal successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled: “Characterization, Analysis and Design of Multi-culm Bamboo Axial Members with Dowel-type Connections for Use in Truss Structures”.

Nan's photo email: njin@connect.ust.hk


Nan obtained her Double Bachelor Degree (Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Technology) from the Tianjin University and her Master Degree (Structural Engineering) from the Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration. She joined my group as a PhD student in August 2015.

On 26/8/2021 Nan successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled: “Subspace Identification of Bridge Frequencies Utilizing Dynamic Response of Traversing Vehicles”.

Chara's photo email: cstoura@connect.ust.hk

Charikleia STOURA

    Charikleia obtained her 5-year Diploma from the National and Technical University of Athens in 2015. She joined the research group in September 2016 and was awarded a Hong Kong PhD Fellowship in (2017). Her PhD research examines the vehicle-bridge-interaction problem.

    On 21/5/2021 Charikleia successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled: “Analytical and Numerical Examination of the Vehicle–Bridge Interaction Problem in Railway Bridges”.


Jimmy's photo email: wctleung@connect.ust.hk

Wing Cheong Tom LEUNG

Jimmy obtained his Bachelor Degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2018. He joined the research group in September 2018 and acquired his MPhil in Civil Engineering in 2020.

Qing Zeng's photo email: zengqing@hit.edu.cn

Dr. Qing ZENG

Qing obtained his Bachelor Degree from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2011. He obtained his Master Degree at HKUST in 2012 and joined my group at HKUST as a PhD student in Aug 2012. He obtained his Doctor Degree at August 2016 and held a Post-Doctoral research position until 2018. PhD Thesis: Dr. ZENG Qing “Analysis and Simulation of the Vehicle-Bridge Interaction in Horizontally Curved Railway Bridges”

Since 2019, Dr ZENG Qing is an Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (HIT SZ), China.


Tasos's photo Postdoc Fellow

email: a.giouvanidis@gmail.com

Dr. Anastasios GIOUVANIDIS

Anastasios joined my group in February 2013, and he acquired his MPhil in Civil Engineering in February 2015 and his PhD in Civil Engineering in July 2018.

Dr. Anastasios GIOUVANIDIS (PhD, Spring 2015 - Spring 2018; MPhil, Spring 2013 - Spring 2015) MPhil thesis: "Non-smooth Seismic Response Analysis of the Rocking Frame". PhD thesis: “Seismic Response Analysis of Rocking Structures: Hybrid Behavior, Contact Phenomenon and Critical Earthquake Characteristics”

Since February 2020, Anastasios serves as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering (ISISE) of University of Minho, Portugal. His research field lies in the out-of-plane seismic behavior of masonry structures within the Historical and Masonry Structures (HMS) group.  

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Chengning's photo Postdoc Fellow, HKPFS awardee


email: cnloong@connect.ust.hk

Chengning LOONG (Co-Advisor)

(Main Advisor Prof Chih-Chen CHANG)

    • HKPFS Awardee in 2016
    • 2015 IDEERS competition (1st Runner-up, Postgraduate Team)
    • Academic Achievement Award in 2013/14
    • Outstanding Student Award in 2013/14
    • Research interests:
    1. Harvesting from structural vibration
    2. Electromechanical coupled system
    3. Finite element modelling
    4. Earthquake engineering
    5. Structural dynamics
    6. Nonsmooth mechanics


Past Group Members

Themis's photo  
email: thparask@gmail.com

Dr. Themelina PARASKEVA

Dr. Paraskeva received her Bachelor degree (structural engineering), her M.Sc. degree (earthquake structural engineering) and her Ph.D (bridge engineering) from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in Greece. She joined my group as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in September 2014.

Since January 2019 is a Lecturer at the School of Engineering of the Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Zhongqi's photo  
email: szqbell@gmail.com

Dr. Zhongqi SHI

Dr. Shi obtained his Bachelor Degree from Henan University of Science and Technology and his M.Eng and D.Eng. from Kyushu Insititute of Technology, Japan. He joined my group as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at HKUST in April 2015.

Since 2017 Dr Shi is working at Shenzhen Urban Public Safety and Technology Institute, at Futian Shenzhen, China.